by Don F Perkins

Today I talked with my customer George – he hired me to promote his business online. We just started a fairly significant, multi-channel campaign for George – in fact his program represents one of my largest marketing efforts yet. He called me today to express his concern. George’s firm employs a few dozen men and right now, they are all standing around with nothing to do.

Content Marketing Explained

I explained that it has only been a few days since we inked his contract. The knowledge workers on my end are hard at it, but it’s going to take them a few weeks to get all the moving parts in order. I went into detail about all the things they are doing. He listened and he acknowledged, but ultimately, George doesn’t understand anything about all those digital details. He also doesn’t want to try and learn about what we’re doing – he just wants his phone to ring more. That is all.

Content Marketing What For

The take-away is that it really doesn’t matter to most people how you make their sausage. They are simply hungry and want it to taste really good. Don’t waste your time and theirs describing the recent trends, the impressions, the clicks, or the likes, the page views, the unique visitors, or any other detail of content marketing data. Forget all that! All they really want to hear is when you will provide the value that they hired you for and how much of that value they are getting; in this case: phone calls.
Of course, there will be those who may want to know how sausage gets made, but most people who hire you for content marketing just want more customers somehow. If they wanted to know how to do it, they would have gone to school instead of hiring you!