A Case Study in Digital Marketing and the Power of Community

Last week I found out my dream company had an opening for my dream job. So I went to work thinking about how to get their attention. I built a website demonstrating that I have skills and qualities that match what they’re looking for. Then I asked my network community to crowd source a confirmation of these attributes. What resulted was an amazing outpouring of support and a real learning experience for anyone attempting to use digital markting to move the needle.

The Real Power of Digital Marketing

As I read through the comments of my colleagues, a striking thought occurred to me. Their comments demonstrate that Digital Marketing is driven not by what you think of yourself, or your company. It’s driven by what others think about you and your company. I could sit here all day long and come up with colorful adjectives about how awesome I am, but it doesn’t really matter unless others are willing to put their name behind it and agree with me, and that’s just what they did.

The Difference With Digital Marketing

Old school broadcast marketing is an outward push of information. Digital marketing on the other hand has evolved out of people’s abandonment of these traditional marketing techniques and is more akin to the phenomenon commonly referred to as “word of mouth.” AKA: if you are really good at something, you really shouldn’t have to constantly be telling everyone about it. People are observant; they take notice when someone’s ability is worthy of noticing, and they will naturally talk to other’s about it. People find you instead of you finding them.

The High Points That People Remember

I was overwhelmed as I read through the thoughtful responses of my colleagues. It’s amazing to hear what they thought of when they were asked to give PixelMEDIA an idea of who I am. As a point of reference for commendable qualities that people remember when it comes to social media and digital marketing influencers, here’s a list of some of the high points from the comments:


Almost all of respondents recognized the value of consistent, solid execution. Produce results, get things done and people take notice.


Finding opportunities to bring out the best in people is huge. Knowledge transfer is nice, but as my colleague Matt Bertuzzi says: “People want to be inspired.” Inspiration combines emotion and energy to motivate us to greater achievement.

Drive Change

You won’t get far in business without taking some calculated risks. Our tendency is to avoid change, because we don’t like uncertainty. It’s rare, but pioneers stand out because they are willing to endure the discomfort of change to gain an advantage in the business world.

Willingness to Help

God helps those who help themselves. ~Ben Franklin
People help those who help them get what they want. ~ Don F Perkins


Understanding difficult concepts is critical to effective digital marketing. Curiosity, critical thinking and a passion for learning are an advantage, especially in the digital world where other conversational cues are largely absent. (consider that as much as 93% of the meaning in communication is visual or audible and is lost when relying on written communication alone.)

Thought Leadership

With over 180 million people blogging, originality and innovation are extremely valuable to digital marketing. Unless your content is fresh, relevant, and exclusive, it gets ignored. Stay in tune with the pulse of the market and find your unique voice in it.

Developing Community

One person can accomplish a lot, but when the community decides to act, results are magnified dramatically. Connecting with people, understanding what they care about and nurturing relationships builds powerful allies in digital marketing.

I intend to thank each and every one of my colleagues personally for their support, but let me publicly thank all of you here and try to express just how honored I am to experience the relationship we have. Please know that I will be looking out for ways to demonstrate my thankfulness through thoughtful, impactful community building.