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What Went Right – How to Determine Your REAL Value Proposition

by Don F Perkins

“Stop being wonderful and start being useful.”
Jay Baer – Author of the book Youtility

Hey Team, How About That Value Proposition
I recently asked our firm’s crack marketing team about our value proposition. I got the customary unicorn-breath: We evidently have “robust,” “world class,” you know, life changing products. The problem is, so does […]

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Behold the Hot Nonsense – All Marketing is Not Created Equal

by Don F Perkins

Two great stories for those contemplating inbound marketing efforts for their business:
First, Forget The Joneses – Think Customer Experience
Last week I visited a small town auto repair shop that had bought way more inbound marketing than they will ever need. They even had a mobile app built so that patrons can download […]

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Asking More Than Questions, Hearing More Than Words

by Don F Perkins

If it’s your job is to help decision-makers make better decisions, it’s easy to get caught up in “best practices.” Are you using interest-creating statements? Are you speaking with confidence? Are you focusing on their business needs? Are you handling objections well? Are you asking open-ended questions? etc.. Hmmm… Back up the […]

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12 Instructive Customer Complaints

by Don F Perkins

I talk to small and medium business people all week long. Not surprisingly, they have a lot to say about their service providers. Listen to what customers are saying about how we can make our businesses more customer friendly:
1. “Your advertisements says you do this, but then you do that.”
If you’re going […]

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