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I Was Followed on Twitter by a Funeral Home

by Don F Perkins
Checking my twitter notifications one day and there it was, a follow notice from a local funeral home. I began to wonder – do they know something I dont? Am I about to kick the can; to shuffle off this mortal coil? Well it’s been over a year now, and I’m still […]

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What Went Right – How to Determine Your REAL Value Proposition

by Don F Perkins

“Stop being wonderful and start being useful.”
Jay Baer – Author of the book Youtility

Hey Team, How About That Value Proposition
I recently asked our firm’s crack marketing team about our value proposition. I got the customary unicorn-breath: We evidently have “robust,” “world class,” you know, life changing products. The problem is, so does […]

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What to do when they say no (and they always say no)

by Don f Perkins

Alternate title: “Sales Strategy and the Benefits of Being Unprepared”
“We’ve been so terrified into believing in the importance of being prepared that it’s spilled over into that other realm, the realm of life where we have no choice but to be unprepared.”
Seth Godin

And Then You Say This
Well there you are. You’ve done […]

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Make My Phone Ring More

by Don F Perkins

Today I talked with my customer George – he hired me to promote his business online. We just started a fairly significant, multi-channel campaign for George – in fact his program represents one of my largest marketing efforts yet. He called me today to express his concern. George’s firm employs a few […]

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Finding Your Unique Voice in Content Marketing

by Don F Perkins

Finding your unique voice sounds like pretty basic advice right? But it’s harder than it seems. In content marketing, sounding human is one of the things that seems to elude many a well-meaning marketer. Just look at your email inbox. Sounding human or puking corporatespeak makes all the difference in those critical […]

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Common Best Practices for Content Marketing

by Don F Perkins
The Challenge:
When it comes to finding new customers online, it can be a bit overwhelming because of the many choices and approaches available. To make matters worse, most companies I talk to have so little time to devote to their online presence, which makes it tough to really do it up […]

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Why Word Of Mouth Marketing Won’t Replace Online Marketing

by Don F Perkins

I talk to owners of small and medium size businesses nearly all day about online marketing. A large percentage tell me how they get a lot of their business via word of mouth. So I began analyzing this important means of obtaining new customers. Here’s what I found out: Like anything else, […]

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Last Chance!! really?

by Don F Perkins

On Threat Marketing: LAST CHANCE!!! Really?…
I’ve been talking to my customers again. They all agree: threat marketing does not appeal to us consumers. It only serves one purpose: It annoys the crap out of us! When we see an email subject line that says anything like: “This is your last chance!” We […]

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Content Marketing – Good Content Always Gets Shared

by Don F Perkins

I thanked a Twitter follower for retweeting one of my blog posts recently and he tweeted back: “Good content always gets shared.” It was a great compliment, and it also got me thinking: What is “good content” exactly and how can a blogger make more of it?

Hey Mikey, open up another can […]

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Digital Marketing – The Power of Communities

A Case Study in Digital Marketing and the Power of Community

Last week I found out my dream company had an opening for my dream job. So I went to work thinking about how to get their attention. I built a website demonstrating that I have skills and qualities that match what they’re looking for. Then […]

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