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Content Marketing – Likers are Great, But Where Are the Buyers?

By Don F Perkins

A lot of companies have drunk the Kool-Aid of content marketing. Traditional marketing is dead, it no longer works in today’s market, yada, yada, yada. So they start blogging and tweeting, facebooking, writing all manor of infographics and white papers. They get thousands of web visitors, likes, +1’s and followers, but where’s […]

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Content Marketing – Best Practices for an Effective Online Presence

by Don F Perkins

Common Best Practices for Content Marketing

Working with clients on content marketing there are always some unique nuances that lend to success depending on the business, their brand, their customers, but here are a few concepts that hold true in almost every case:

Great Content=Online Presence=Conversations=Conversions

Content marketing creates an online presence for your business, […]

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Content Marketing And The Trust Equation – 10 Questions Buyers Want You To Answer

by Don F Perkins

We are now living the age of the “self-directed buyer.” According to Sales Benchmark Index (and just about everybody else who knows anything about sales and marketing,) today’s buyers are entering the sales cycle much later than they did even 5 years ago.

Solid content marketing attracts qualified buyers and keeps them engaged […]

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Behold the Hot Nonsense – All Marketing is Not Created Equal

by Don F Perkins

Two great stories for those contemplating inbound marketing efforts for their business:
First, Forget The Joneses – Think Customer Experience
Last week I visited a small town auto repair shop that had bought way more inbound marketing than they will ever need. They even had a mobile app built so that patrons can download […]

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Missing the Point with Social Media Marketing – Where Have All the Humans Gone?

by Don F Perkins

Most of my blog posts start off with hints and tips for my readers, but today I have questions:
Where have all the humans gone? Why has social media become so anti-social?
The Danger in Relying Too Heavily On Marketing Automation

Many of you probably already know how I feel about twitter auto-followback and automated […]

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Asking More Than Questions, Hearing More Than Words

by Don F Perkins

If it’s your job is to help decision-makers make better decisions, it’s easy to get caught up in “best practices.” Are you using interest-creating statements? Are you speaking with confidence? Are you focusing on their business needs? Are you handling objections well? Are you asking open-ended questions? etc.. Hmmm… Back up the […]

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10 Inescapable Facts About Content Marketing

by Don F Perkins

but first…

An accountant was walking in the country when he happened on a sheep farmer.

Accountant: “Hey farmer, I bet I can guess exactly how many sheep you have. I guess right, you give me a sheep. If I’m wrong, I pay you $100.”

Farmer: “Deal.”

Accountant: “There are exactly 1,354 sheep.

Farmer: “Incredible! I have […]

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